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About Us

Our Story

With a wealth of hospitality experience and an abundance of passion, the Our Daily Food team has created a wonderful little foodie hub. We just try to make your lives a little easier, tastier, and healthier with our meal subscription plans.

How It Works


Choose your meals with a Subscription Meal Plan or a Meal in a Box.


Chefs cook, we deliver right to your doorstep daily (Monday – Friday)


Enjoy an array of healthy and delicious dishes, delivered according to your weekly schedule.

Meal Subscription

Tailor your meals to your needs with our flexible meal subscription plans– whether you want to skip weeks, only require a week’s menu… we can do it. Order when you want, how you want, without commitments!

From $16.00 Per Meal (Per Pax)

From $17.12 w GST

3 Days Meal Subscription

From $14.00 Per Meal (Per Pax)

From $14.98 w GST

5 Days Meal Subscription

Total Savings: $10.70

Our Purpose

We understand it’s hard to factor in time to plan meals for the household, grocery shop regularly, and cook for the family. Hence, Our Daily Food tries to make your lives just a little easier and tastier with our meal subscription plans. We invest the time and diligence so that you don’t have to. Less time pondering, more quality time with family.

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